September 17, 2008

It Isnt Easy to Stay Off Controversy


When he gets out of his caravan and hops across to the set, many of his fans who've been waiting to catch a glimpse of the actor fail to recognise him.

That's because Surya, who was in town to shoot for AVM's Ayan, still retains the boyish looks he sported in his previous film, Varanam Ayiram.

Does Ayan require a similar look? "It doesn't, but I like keeping fit; so I've stayed that way. But I've gone easy on the six-pack because it's not advisable to go off carbs for a long time. You start feeling exhausted after a while," says Surya. Ayan, he explains, means the unique one. "I play a chap who buys and sells goods in Burma Bazaar against a north Chennai backdrop."

He also cherishes his role in Varanam Ayiram by Gautam Menon, with whom he shares a great rapport. Surya plays dual roles - a 64- year-old father and an 18-year-old son, who later gets into the army. "It was tough because it's not easy to switch between roles like that. Gautam's narration of the film is fabulous," he remarks.

The film is supposed to have been inspired by Gautam's life. True? "Yeah, we've drawn some references from real life. And it's not just Gautam's. These episodes occur in all our lives. It's definitely not fantasy," he admits.

Most portions of the film have been shot on location, including the Indian Military Academy, where only Lakshya has been shot until now. How did it feel to don the army uniform? Responses on YouTube say he looks hot! "But that can't drive a film. When I wore the uniform, I was completely transformed," says the actor.

Did Surya draw inspiration from his father, veteran actor Sivakumar, when he played the 64-year-old character? "My role is a complete contrast to my dad, who's strict, never idle and a pefectionist. But the father in Varanam Ayiram is cool and relaxed," says Surya.

His family is also rejoicing over Sivakumar's lifetime achievement award at the 2008 Filmfare Awards. "If my brother Karthi, sister Brinda and I are grounded in spite of being star kids, it's because of him. It's not easy to stay out of controversy and stay connected to everyone. It's tough, but that's how I want to be," confesses Surya.

Which is also why he wants to be the best dad to his one-year- old daughter. "Diya's a superstar. She's even more popular than Jo (Jyotika) and I. She's very mature and never laughs unless she really finds something funny. Nor does she cry unnecessarily. Diya's one the most well-behaved children I know," signs off the proud father.

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