September 17, 2008

Taking Stock of Situations!


Director Shona Urvashi has an interesting incident to recall about her film Saas Bahu Aur Sensex.

Interesting yes, but it would have been a scary thing for her when it happened. What happened was that the BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) raised an objection to the use of the term 'Sensex' in the title of the film.

Shona was obviously taken aback and tense as she had never anticipated this. "We have shown nothing disrespectful about the sensex, it's more about freedom of speech," she says. She requested the BSE board to watch the film and then take a stand. A notice was sent to the BSE, after which members of the board watched the film and thankfully, enjoyed it.

"It was really sweet to see this bunch of serious looking, suited people enjoying the film," she says with a smile.

The director can now breathe easy and talk about her film, which is her second release after her directorial debut Chupke Se. "Since the film is going to have a worldwide release, I wanted to capture the humourous and light side of the country," she says.

Shona had an amazing time working with seasoned actors like Farooque Sheikh, Kirron Kher and Lillette Dubey as well as Tanushree Dutta and Masumeh Makhija. The director is full of praise for Farooque, who plays a Parsi stock broker in the film. "He's an amazing person! He's got a child-like quality about him and at the same time, he manages to exude an elegance.

We were lucky to have him in the film. He's not done films in the past 11 years, which I think is a criminal waste of talent," she says.

Shona's already finished scripting her next film after this. After Farah Khan, she seems to be the next in line who's not making women-oriented films. "Why does gender have to define the kind of work I want to do?" asks Shona, "Ultimately, it's about whether you do justice to your work or not."

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