September 18, 2008

Radio Netherlands to End Shortwave Broadcasts to North America

Text of report in English by Radio Netherlands website on 18 September

Radio Netherlands Worldwide's English broadcasts are available in North America in an increasing variety of different ways. More and more partner stations are taking our programming (a growing number of NPR stations in the US and CBC in Canada) and there are now a variety of satellite options (including Sirius satellite radio).

The programmes are also available live, on-demand and via podcast.

Radio Netherlands now feels that the number of alternatives for listeners in North America is such that we have decided to end our shortwave broadcasts to the region. This will take effect from the start of our winter season on 26 October 2008.

The decision has been backed up by a recent survey which showed a decline in the number of listeners using shortwave in North America.

We believe that shortwave is still an effective means of reaching listeners where there are fewer alternatives. As such Radio Netherlands Worldwide will now concentrate its English shortwave broadcasts to South Asia and Africa.

Originally published by Radio Netherlands website, Hilversum, in English 1108 18 Sep 08.

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