September 18, 2008

Producers Apologize for Star’s IRA Remarks

The producers and director of the film "Fifty Dead Men Walking" say they don't agree with actress Rose McGowan's recent remarks about the Irish Republican Army.

The Italian-born American actress made headlines last week when she said at the Toronto International Film Festival, where the film was screening, that she would have joined the IRA if she lived in Belfast during the Troubles and could understand why people behaved violently during that era in Northern Ireland.

The producers of the film inspired by Martin McGartland's autobiography said in a statement issued to The Hollywood Reporter that they "regret any distress" McGowan's remarks may have caused "to people of Northern Ireland and particularly those who were victims of or caught up in the shocking events that existed during the conflict. ...

"Ms. McGowan's views were private ones and as such they greatly saddened the film's producers," the statement said.

"Rose's personal opinions of Northern Ireland do not reflect the perspective of the film in any way. Our goal was to present an even, nonjudgmental point of view so the audience could follow the path of an informer with empathy no matter what the politics," added director Kari Skogland.