September 19, 2008

Outrageous Death Race

THE DRIVE to make ever more outrageous programmes to satisfy small screen appetites is behind two new films.

In next week's release Death Race, Joan Allen is an evil prison warder who makes people race cars in a doomed bid for freedom.

Transporter star Jason Statham is given a chance to escape, with predictably violent results.

Allen delivers one line of such unexpected foul language that it's actually repeated right at the end of of the final credits. Truly bizarre, but more of that in next week's review.

Opening today and regrettably showing only at London's Empire Leicester Square is LIVE! (15, 96 mins).

Documentary film-maker Bill Guttentag makes his narrative feature debut with a satire about an executive's crusade to create American TV's most outrageous reality show.

ABN network president Katy Courbet (Eva Mendes) has to turn her station's fortunes around and attract viewers in the highly-coveted 16 to 25-year-old demographic.

Six people will take part in a game of Russian roulette live.

A single pull of the trigger will change these people's fortunes forever but one of them will go out, quite literally, with a bang.

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