September 20, 2008

Abrams: Shatner Rejected Cameo in ‘Trek’

Hollywood director J.J. Abrams says he didn't put William Shatner in his upcoming "Star Trek" remake because the actor wanted too large a part.

Abrams said while he had initially intended to put the star of the original "Star Trek" TV series in his upcoming movie, Shatner was adamant he have a bigger role in the Hollywood production, the Los Angeles Times reported Friday.

"It was very tricky. We actually had written a scene with him in it that was a flashback kind of thing, but the truth is, it didn't quite feel right. The bigger thing was that he was very vocal that he didn't want to do a cameo," Abrams said. "We tried desperately to put him in the movie, but he was making it very clear that he wanted the movie to focus on him significantly, which, frankly, he deserves."

The director's comments come after the 77-year-old actor voiced his opinions regarding his absence in the latest installment of the "Trek" franchise due out in May, the Times said.

"There is no need for me to know anything because I'm not a part of it," Shatner told the Times regarding the film.