September 22, 2008

Channel One News Opens “One Vote” Presidential Poll – Teens Nationwide to Cast Their Vote in Largest Online Election

Channel One News, the preeminent news and content provider for teens, reaching more than six million students in middle schools and high schools across the country, today announced the launch of "OneVote 2008," marking the network's fourth run of the largest student mock-election held in advance of the national Presidential election. In addition, Team OneVote, a select group of diverse and qualified teens, will be designated Channel One News on-air political commentators and charged with submitting thought-provoking features leading up to the election. Channel One News's OneVote program enables millions of teens across the country to gain essential civic education by experiencing the electoral process, while also giving recognition to the voice and opinions of this next influential group of voters.

Channel One News will cover the presidential campaigns in depth throughout the fall to provide teens with all the news they need to make an informed decision. Teens will be able to cast their OneVote ballot for the next President of the United States at from October 20 through October 24, with election results to be announced on October 29. Channel One News will also issue findings from conducted exit polls, reporting teens' opinions on the critical political issues steering their votes. In advance of the mock-election, teens can post a OneVote widget application to their social networking profiles, reminding them to make their vote count and to invite friends to join the countdown.

Now in its second term, Team OneVote will give seven industrious teens the opportunity to represent the voice and opinions of this influential generation and to gain valuable journalistic experience through the initiative. Designed to encourage thoughtful story-telling through personal expression and peer-to-peer dialogue, teen correspondents will document their experiences for Channel One and share compelling commentary as the campaign trail moves closer towards the White House.

These Team OneVote commentators will file regular reports through Channel One News's newly launched user-generated video platform, You Tell It (, which provides teens with a unique channel to share newsworthy experiences affecting their generation and gives important recognition to budding youth "citizen journalists." Team OneVote segments will be regularly featured during Channel One News's 12-minute classroom news program until November and correspondents will also document their experience through personal blogs at, where teens will find additional information about the voting process and a community forum for discussion.

"The youth influence along the campaign trail is palpable and it's inspiring to see the growing political interest among our teen viewing audience, who are recognizing their power as citizens and as the next generation of eligible voters. Through our broadcast and new social media platforms, we're fueling their thirst for information and allowing their strong opinions to be shared and their stories to be heard," commented Kent Haehl, CEO, Channel One Network.

Since the inception of OneVote, Channel One News has recorded millions of ballots every four years and continues to serve as an important platform, inspiring lively and educational dialogue among teens and within the classroom about the nation's political process and freedoms. Educators are encouraged to support the initiative in their schools and will receive downloadable materials through Channel One News's educational platform,, a web-based community for educators. Curriculum-based tools will include OneVote banners, classroom posters, and lesson plans aimed to enhance students' knowledge of the electoral process, as well as ignite a deeper understanding of the impact this younger generation will have as eligible voters in 2012.

Angela Hunter, SVP, Executive Producer of Channel One News stated, "Making politics relevant to teens is an important editorial priority for Channel One News. By empowering young people through Team OneVote and engaging them firsthand in the journalistic process, we're not only broadcasting the voice of this powerful generation, but also providing a platform whereby young people, while developing necessary skills, realize the impact their choices have over our nation's future."

Now in its second year of partnership with NBC News' Peacock Productions, Channel One News continues to benefit from expanded global newsgathering capabilities, ensuring worldwide coverage of breaking news, and was on the scene of both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions, providing its audience with up-to-the-minute and compelling election coverage.

OneVote gains additional promotion through youth-focused media channels under Channel One Network's parent company, Alloy Media + Marketing, which will utilize its in-school media network and online media platform,, to spread the OneVote message among teens and their peers and through editorial features in its college-bound publication, "Careers and Colleges."


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