September 23, 2008

Indonesia to Host Asia Pacific Film Festival

Indonesia to host Asia Pacific Film Festival

JAKARTA, Sept. 22 (Xinhua) -- Indonesia's capital Jakarta is to host the 52nd Asia Pacific Film Festival (APFF) on Nov. 18 - 21.

"Jakarta as the capital city of Indonesia earns honor after being elected as a host of APFF," the leading website on Monday quoted the chairman of APFF organizing committee Raam Punjabi as saying.

"Therefore, in return of this, we would like the Jakarta city government to support the event," he said.

The Jakarta governor will hold a welcoming dinner for the guests of APFF around the city square Monas.

Jakarta has hosted similar events for six times, and the last one was held in 2001.

Punjabi said that 105 films from 21 countries will take part in the festival. Indonesia alone will send five films which have been nominated at Indonesian film festival in 2001.

Jury panel is comprised of three Indonesians and other four from foreign participants.

The budget of the festival, according to Panjabi, reaches about 6.5 billion rupiahs (7,300 million U.S. dollars) which will be sponsored by the Indonesian tourism and culture ministry and Jakarta city government.

The festival initially was held in 1954, and one of an annual events in Asian, designated by the Board of Directors of the Federation of Motion Picture Producers in the Asia-Pacific region.

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