September 23, 2008

I Know What You Did Last Summer

With fall just a week away and the kids are finally back at school, families everywhere are faced with a perennial question: how to make sense of the hundreds of vacation photos they took over the summer?

"Vacations are a magical time, quite literally apart from the everyday," says Chett B. Paulsen, President and CEO of aVinci(R) Media Corporation, a company based in Draper, Utah, that is revolutionizing the way life events and memories are shared and preserved. "We never tire of trying to capture the ephemeral magic of our holidays, whether that instinct reflects itself in purchasing souvenirs, taking photos, or putting together scrapbooks."

This year, when people ask, "What did you do last summer?" instead of rifling through digital photos or flashing your Epcot T-shirt, imagine being able to share a Hollywood-worthy home movie replete with popular music, special effects, and the narrative pacing of a multiplex film. "People have grown so sophisticated about the visual and storytelling vocabulary of movies," says Paulsen, "that still photos or slideshows just don't cut it anymore when it comes to sharing vacation memories with family and friends."

aVinci's technology takes your vacation photographs and instantly weaves them together with cinematic effects to create a Hollywood-style photo movie production or a professionally designed photo book, without requiring you to spend hours online or to learn complicated software tools. Created to simplify and automate the process of transforming personal photos and videos into professional quality photo books and multi-media productions, the aVinci Experience delivers a complete, refined production as opposed to a complicated software tool requiring time and training to execute.

Rather than mere slideshows, aVinci's vacation-themed photo movies follow the satisfying storytelling arc of beginning, middle, and end we're familiar with from traditional films. Perfect for all types of travel or destination, with products ranging from $12.86-$39.99, a Hollywood-style production is within anyone's budget. With aVinci's vacation personal DVD movie kit, simply upload your photos and let aVinci do the rest.

"You don't need to be Chevy Chase to star in a Family Vacation or Audrey Hepburn to appear in Roman Holiday," says Paulsen. "Now families can re-experience the fun of being on holiday just by popping in a DVD." For more information please visit