September 23, 2008

Carol Not Brainy Enough to Make Up Tefal Numbers

THE "Tefal boffins" famous for their large heads are to return to UK screens with a new cast of well-known faces.

The 1980s advert has been remade starring television presenters Kelly Brook and Carol Vorderman and comedian Harry Enfield.

The original brainy scientists and their over-developed foreheads featured in a series of ads for the cookware and electrics giant between 1985 and 1989.

The new version has Enfield and Brook playing the scientists, with Vorderman applying for a position with the company.

However, former Countdown presenter Vorderman - who in real life is a member of Mensa and has a degree in engineering - finds she does not have the brains required to do the job.

Enfield and Brook had their giant foreheads fitted in sittings that lasted five and half hours by the same prosthetics company responsible for the original ad.

A spokesman said: "These adverts were hugely popular in the late 1980s and, with the introduction of some well-known faces, we believe will be just as popular today."

The advert will screen early next year.

A preview can be seen at

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