September 23, 2008

Big-Brained Boffins Make TV Comeback

The eighties advert has been remade with television presenters Kelly Brook and Carol Vorderman and comedian Harry Enfield.The original brainy scientists and their over-developed foreheads featured in a series of ads for the cookware and electrics giant between 1985 and 1989.The new version has Enfield and Brook playing the scientists, with Vorderman applying for a position with the company.However, former Countdown presenter Vorderman who in real life is a member of Mensa and has a degree in engineering finds she does not have the brains required to do the job.Enfield and Brook had their giant foreheads fitted in sittings that lasted five-and- half hours by the same prosthetics company responsible for the original ad.The ad will screen early next year. A preview can be seen from today at

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