September 24, 2008

Ethiopian State Media Increases Broadcast Coverage

Text of report entitled "ERTA to increase broadcast hour" published in English by state-owned Ethiopian news agency ENA website

The Ethiopian Radio and Television Agency (ERTA) announced airtime allotment and plans to expand its broadcast service coverage.

ERTA told ENA on Tuesday [23 September] that it has increased broadcast service to 15 hours from the previous 12 hours. The agency would also provide broadcast service using satellite from 2.00 a.m. [local time] until 6.00 a.m.[local time].

Equal airtime is allotted to Oromia, Tigray, Amhara and South Ethiopia peoples' states as per the new airtime allotment. The necessary support would be provided to regions, which have capacity limitation.

Broadcast service in Arabic and French is launched through ETV2. The regular English programme is also included in this channel.

The agency has also launched broadcast service in Afar, Arabic and French, which had no airtime previously.

Airtime allotment is significant to meet the request of all regions for air time and due to the importance of broadcast service in Arabic and French.

The new airtime allotment is believed to be fair and help all nations and nationalities develop their languages and cultures.

It would also serve to broadcast information concerning activities of nations and nationalities to maintain peace, speed up development and build democratic system.

Agreements are reached to transfer to Tigray and Oromia states the programs, which were being broadcast through the federal TV in Tigrigna and Oromifa.

The agency plans to launch up to eight new channels. Preparations are underway to improve quality, expand coverage and launch alternative channels.

Radio broadcast service coverage will reach 95 per cent while television broadcast service coverage will reach 85 per cent within two years.

Originally published by ENA website, Addis Ababa, in English 24 Sep 08.

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