September 25, 2008

Look on Bright Side

It's hard to believe now, in an age of round-the-clock shock television and films that push the boundaries of what can and can't be shown on screen, but a film made by a British TV comedy outfit nearly 30 years ago still gets people hot under the collar.

When it was first released in cinemas, Monty Python's Life of Brian caused one of the biggest furores in cinema history.

Its critics said its off-kilter depiction of Biblical events was blasphemous. Its fans said they were missing the point, and the satire was aimed at unthinking religious devotion. Torbay Council effectively banned it by refusing to accept it with an AA certificate.

On Friday night Torbay Council will show the film as part of the bay's comedy festival, having seen it voted the best comedy film of all time by local movie fans.

Let's face it, it's high time the movie was screened in the Bay. It has been on TV many times, and any self-respecting comedy buff will have it as part of the household DVD collection. But there are still some tender feelings to be considered and while moving with the times and enjoying a great piece of cinema entertainment, we should bear in mind that for some it could still prove deeply offensive.

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