September 25, 2008

Hamas Media Expose “Scandal” Committed By Palestine Space Channel

Pro-Hamas Palestinian Information Centre [PIC] website at 0756 gmt on 24 September carries a report saying: "Al-Aqsa Space Channel has exposed a major scandal that was aired by Palestine space channel, the mouthpiece of the authority in Al-Muqata'ah, when it screened clips of people being tortured and thrown from the rooftop of a building, saying that all this took place in Gaza while in reality they were old clips of incidents that had taken place in Iraq."

The report cites Samir Abu-Muhsin, deputy programme director at Al-Aqsa Space Channel, as saying in a statement to the PIC: "We were surprised to see that the Palestinian space channel transmitted on Monday 22 September during its newscast film clips of armed men throwing people from the rooftop of buildings, falling on the ground and dying or having their limbs broken. One also sees their relatives rushing to carry them away crying. The space channel said that these incidents were committed in Gaza by the Hamas elements and police. Abu-Muhsin added: I was surprised to see these pictures and hear the announcer presenting these incidents as having taken place during the campaign that sought to recently dismantle the lawless group in Al-Shuja'iyah where the Hillis clan lives for I had seen these clips before on Fox News television in the wake of the US invasion of Iraq. Abu-Muhsin explained that when the US network transmitted these clips, it said that the US forces found them in the archives of the Iraqi services in the wake of the occupation of Iraq and that they show part of the torture methods that the security services under late president Saddam Husayn used to practice against the opposition."

The report also cites Abu-Muhsin as saying that "by transmitting these clips and claiming that they were clips of incidents in Gaza, Palestine television wanted to fool the public, sow sedition, and disseminate lies." The report cites Abu-Muhsin as saying that "by exposing the clips that were aired as false and explaining how and where they were filmed, Al-Aqsa Space Channel once again highlights a scandal committed by the Palestine television as part of its unprofessional activities, dissemination of lies, and encouragement of sedition." The report then reviews the Fox News report, how it was obtained and the contents Fox News said it showed.

PIC also carries at 0919 on 24 September a statement by Dr Salah al-Bardawil, spokesman for the Hamas Change and Reform Parliamentary Bloc, who after confirming that the clips were of incidents that had taken place in Iraq, says that "Palestine television is affiliated to Al-Muqata'ah in Ramallah, which he described as having no values or ethics. Al-Bardawil added: This television and the authority to which it belongs have no case, ethics, or national sentiments. They can exist only by slandering others and by casting doubts on all that is good" adding that "Palestine television represents a very unethical Al-Muqata'ah that has no morals and that they do this to foil the dialogue."

Originally published by Palestinian Information Centre website in Arabic 24 Sep 08.

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