September 25, 2008

Shanghai Synergy Group Unveils Innovative Technology to Propel China into Global Music Market Leadership

SHANGHAI, China, Sept. 25 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- Shanghai Synergy Culture and Entertainment Group, a subsidiary of Shanghai Media & Entertainment Group, one of the largest media conglomerates in China, and a-Peer Holding Group, a US music and media technology company, announced today a new joint business venture, a-Peer Synergy Shanghai Culture and Technology Company.

This new venture will create new market opportunities and revenue for international artists entering the China market and Chinese talent stepping into the world market.

a-Peer Synergy provides state-of-the-art Internet technologies and world- class music, A&R and recording resources together with Shanghai Synergy Group's extensive distribution channels to create a powerful new music and entertainment e-business platform -- The Label Management System (LMS).

   The LMS is distinguished from existing e-business music sites in that it:    -- Sells and delivers both traditional physical and digital products.   -- Provides a complete set of business applications that allows companies      and artists to manage their business any time, any place.   -- Delivers integrated business solutions that provide marketing and      management services to clients across a broad ranges of industries.   

"This new business model will provide monetary safety and transparent accounting within a easy-to-use business platform," explained Mr. Bill Zang, Vice President of Shanghai Synergy Group.

   Key features of the LMS include:    -- Advanced multimedia, information and social networking technologies to      target and serve new market communities.   -- Payment and royalty-splitting accounting assuring artists and copyright      owners receive complete financial reports.   -- Unique, patented watermark technologies developed by the German music      and technology company, CUGATE, to safeguard intellectual property      rights and enhance the customers' experience.   -- Business intelligence (BI) and market trend data that gives artists and      companies a competitive-edge in identifying new consumer demand and      tastes.   -- Creative Ad placements in multi-dimensional hypermedia environments to      target point-to-point sales.   -- Easy-to-use editing tools and licensing agreements enabling users to      create and share their work with others via mobile devices.   -- A Global Creative Awards Program that will identify, manage and promote      new Chinese talent in the international market.   

"The LMS e-business platform will propel the Chinese music market to the forefront of the global marketplace," affirmed Dr. Thomas Olscheske, President of a-Peer Synergy.

A new music e-business web site, AScalling (pronounced: a-s-calling), will be jointly launched by Shanghai Synergy Group and a-Peer Synergy Shanghai at the end of December. It will use the LMS to introduce a massive library of top-quality international music content and information to the China market. AScalling will introduce Chinese artists to the world market and distributed their creative work around the world.

Shanghai Synergy and a-Peer Synergy's combined efforts have resulted in exclusive licensing over a hundred international indie labels such Nettwerk, Six Degrees, Crammed, BadTaste, etc. Within a year AScalling's site expects to have over a million tracks available to consumers. They will release between 50 to 100 international physical music albums per month featuring artists like Ruslana, Bebel Gilberto, Bosson, Perishers, Danko Jones, VT etc.

Peter Jenner, the original legendary UK manager of Pink Floyd and the President Emeritus of the International Music Management Forum (IMMF), has been invited as an international advisor helping to organize a series of professional music business, production, management and educational training seminars, starting November 2008.

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