September 25, 2008

New Beat for City Library

By ASPLIN, Steve

School holiday programme focus on music entertainment. ---------- ---------- Fans of hip hop may already be aware of local group The IllySpillaz, the duo who recently released a CD entitled Bag of Dreams and their first music video. That first music video has been followed by a another for their new song Road to Somewhere and the group is holding a video release function at the city library to celebrate its completion.

A free event, and part of the school holiday programme, it will be open to all ages and will include a wide variety of entertainment and information for those who enjoy, or are curious about hip hop and street culture.

In addition to premiering the video the event will also feature a Pro-tools demonstration, showing the process of beat-making in a digital studio environment as well as a vocal beat boxing performance from Josh Edwards.

Edwards will showcase the art form where drum and instrument sounds are imitated using voice and sometimes a microphone. There will also be a comprehensive talk given by Damian McGregor, known as D-Fresh, who will chronicle the history of local hip hop and street art.

James Vernon, one half of the duo The IllySpillaz, says the first music video was a success and was played on four music television channels and featured semi- regularly on Juice TV.

He says this new music video is a continuation of what they've already been doing and visually it has a motion graphic and animation focus.

The next live performance from The Illyspillaz will be the Friday following their release party at an event titled Bassy Bizness.

Bassy Bizness is being held at The Globe Theatre and will feature more than eight hours of dance music.

Event promoter Steve Bragg says originally the concept was to put on a Tiki Taane concert but that focus shifted to having a large- scale event showcasing all of the local talent as well as performances from Tiki.

Bragg runs Uno Basement Bar and says that Tiki looks forward to performing at the dance venue because he gets to collaborate with local DJs and because he enjoys the friendly atmosphere of the underground club.

Last Saturday Tiki once again performed at Uno, and although there was less than 10 hours notice word quickly spread around town.

Bragg sees this as a formula for increasing the exposure of local artists, where a high-profile act like Tiki can bring an audience to an event and that audience can then witness the wealth of local talent through their onstage collaborations.

Bragg hopes that this will be the first of many Bizness shows and is entertaining the idea of running future events based on different genres of dance music.

He is also very appreciative of the sponsors ZM, Corona, Tiki Dub Productions and Control 99.4FM and says that without that support the large-scale event would not have been possible.

* Tickets for Bassy Bizness are available from Mango Music, City Rock and Uno Basement Bar and are subject to availability.


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