September 26, 2008

John Robert Powers’ Billy Unger and Demi Lovato in Disney Channel’s ”Welcome To Holliwood”

John Robert Powers student Billy Unger will play the role of Demi Lovato's little brother in the upcoming Disney Channel original series, "Welcome To Holliwood". The show is about a teenage girl, played by Demi Lovato, who is given the chance to join the cast of a popular teenage soap opera featuring her teen idol. The show is set to premiere in the February or March 2009 season on The Disney Channel.

Billy Unger, a student of John Robert Powers in Tampa, Florida, has landed roles on television shows such as ''Scrubs,'' ''Cold Case,'' ''Desperate Housewives,'' ''Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles,'' and the hit movie ''National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets.'' Billy Unger is currently filming ''Around the World in 50 Years 3D'' and ''Once Upon a Christmas Dream.''

About John Robert Powers in West Palm Beach Florida:

John Robert Powers Palm Beach is an individually owned and operated acting, modeling, singing, and life skills studio in South Florida. Students from John Robert Powers in West Palm Beach Florida have been booked by companies such as Disney, Toys R Us, American Airlines, Yahoo Kids, and SouthWest. For more information please visit the John Robert Powers Palm Beach website (