September 26, 2008

Right Classy Revue, This Is

Geoff Rennison reckons by naming his series of revue nights The Free- Range Organic Carbon-Neutral Revue, he will attract as wide a spectrum of an audience as possible.

"But it is likely that the extreme fundamentalist right may not turn up, other than at interval, when tea will be served," he jokes.

He says the show follows the general revue format - a series of skits and other items "broken only by the cast forgetting their lines" - but he says there are also two "classier" acts.

One is an "intricate, graceful, passionate" display of salsa dancing, he says.

"Another classy act is definitely Paul Sangster, well-known in Golden Bay and certain parts of the USA. as a trouper from way back who brings an almost Shakespearean atmosphere to Ernie, The Fastest Milkman In The West, which will give you an idea of just how far Shakespeare has fallen."

The Free-Range Organic Carbon- Neutral Revue is on at 8pm for a three-night season starting tomorrow at the Playhouse in Takaka. Tickets cost $10 from Interior Temptations in Takaka.


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