September 27, 2008

Band’s Success is No Anomaly


Music Writer

IF AN 'anomaly' is something difficult to identify, something that deviates from the norm, then it's a rather appropriate moniker for a collection of musical minds whose influences veer from swing to indie, hip hop to big band, all delivered with a very strong dance element to boot.

Formed around the core of two MCs, Mouthmaster Murf and Goldseal, The Anomalies have been concocting tunes and touring for the past three years and recently supported Dan Le Sac vs Scroobious Pip on a hugely successful UK jaunt.

The band will pitch up at Plymouth Uni tomorrow night - the line- up includes long-term collaborator DJ Mayhem plus beatboxer, drums, bass and guitar - for what promises to be an electrifying set in which the band welcome crowd participation.

They're renowned for inviting the audience to hand in random objects during one particular track, about which Murf and Goldseal will work comments into their flow. It's become a great crowd- pleasing gimmick at their shows, and demonstrates the quick- wittedness of the MCs.

Having established themselves on the national live scene, The Anomalies are no strangers to the airwaves either, and following Radio One airtime for singles Employee of the Month and Bamboo Beats, they return with new single Kid Riot.

An intelligent, hook-laden piece of modern pop, Kid Riot hits you full- frontal with its bright and breezy chorus, then weighs in with a heavy breakbeat-styled verse, smooth bassline and drum'n' bass beats, all designed to incite an on-the-spot rave.

Check out their tunes at and see them live at The Uni tomorrow night.

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