September 29, 2008

Lessons on Life

By Teoh Su-Lin

OFTEN considered a taboo subject, death takes a whimsical turn in the movie Accuracy of Death. Helming the role of Chiba the music- loving Grim Reaper is Takeshi Kaneshiro who spends a week with his potential candidates before deciding to pull the plug on them.

Comprising three stories and spanning over a few decades, Chiba picks up some lessons on life and living along the way. Though he never fully comprehend humans, Chiba nonetheless manages to make an impact on the people he appears to.

Special effects are minimal and when they materialise in the movie, they border more on fantasy. Keep a lookout for the blooming of wilting sunflowers and the gradual clearing up of gloomy clouds. The latter is particularly memorable for Chiba as it is always raining whenever he's on duty.

There are many light-hearted moments throughout the movie, and Kaneshiro's comic timing is always on cue. Keep your eyes peeled on the witty telepathic repartee between Chiba and his pet dog.

The movie's insight into humanism makes one ponder over some life- affirming questions such as "Have I fulfilled my purpose in life?" and "What is my definition of happiness?". Most of the characters in the show were living aimlessly until Chiba appears. Ironically, it takes a gatekeeper from the netherworld to teach them how to live and appreciate their life.

Beneath the movie's comic veneer lies a subtle insight into pain and regret which most humans will experience in some part of their life. Funny yet poignant, this film might just compel you to start thinking on your life and set your priorities right, if you haven't already.

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