September 29, 2008

Easy but Cheesy Dancing Fills Square; Crimes of Fashion

By WYLIE, Katie

An estimated 2000 people gave love, and fashion, a bad name in central Christchurch last night.

The crowd, sporting a dizzying collection of leotards, neon- coloured lycra, leopard skin, and bad '80s wigs, gathered in Cathedral Square to claim the world record for the most people dancing to a synchronised routine.

The existing record was set by 1800 Wellingtonians last year.

Wellington dance troupe the Real Hot Bitches led the "easy but cheesy" gyrations and air guitar moves to Bon Jovi's 1984 "classic bogan anthem" Shot Through The Heart.

Although the official head count has yet to be verified, organisers were cautiously confident about the success of the event, which marked the opening of the Body Festival 2008, which runs until October 12. Festival director Adam Hayward said the gyrating masses belied Christchurch's reputation.

Among those bringing their best demonstrations of air instruments to the Square were 30 Canterbury District Health Board doctors, who had traded their usual white coats for colourful costumes. They took away the prize for the largest group present.

Doctor Anthony "Swiss" Spencer was the only member of the group old enough to remember the song's original release, but said it had not stopped his colleagues from getting involved.

"We just like dancing and getting dressed up and having a laugh. I think the fancy dress sold it. It was brilliant."


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