September 29, 2008

Your Questions Answerd?

GEORDIES are a nation of music lovers, it seems.

You wrote in your droves to help A James out with a song and now this week I have been inundated with offerings after an anonymous scribbler wanted help with the tune When Johnny Fedora met Alice Blue Bonnet in the corner of a Department Store.

Selby Rix of North Shields was one of the first to get in touch to say the song was recorded by the Andrew Sisters in the late 1940s.

John Beckett, of Bedlington, agrees.

After consulting The First Hits, the Book of Sheet Music 1946- 1959, he discovered that the song called Johnny Fedora (and Alice Blue Bonnet) was indeed sung by Andrew Sisters and entered the music charts on September 28, 1946, where it spent six weeks.

"In 1946, the popular music charts were compiled from the sales of sheet music," says John.

Norman Rochester, of Annfield Plain, says the Andrew Sisters recorded the tune on August 15, 1946. M Wilson of Stanley adds that the music appeared in the Disney short film Make My Music. This is something Mrs M Helmsley, of Gosforth, recalls.

She writes: "I can remember being taken to the local cinema and a cartoon was on about a trilby hat and a blue hat.

"They fell in love and I remember crying when a lady bought the blue hat and took it away in a hat box. However, true love prevailed and the trilby hat found Alice on the head of a horse.

"The song was sung all through the cartoon."

Jim Reynolds, of Whickham, also recalls the song from the Disney film.

He writes: "I remember seeing it at the Scale pictures, Gateshead. Those were the days of my youth."

Lena Turnbull, of Killingworth, disagrees with M Wilson and believes the song came from the film The Three Caballeros.

She writes: "The film was made up of lots of musical stories. I would like to hear if anyone else remembers the film.

G H Johnson, from Blyth, recalls the first verse of the song, but can't remember the rest. I have been asked by a few readers to print the entire song, but that will have to wait until next week.

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