September 30, 2008

Mannequin on Toilet Steals Show at Turner


GLASGOW-BASED artist Cathy Wilkes' installations, including a mannequin doll sitting on a toilet, grabbed the most attention at the opening of the exhibition for the Turner Prize.

Belfast-born Wilkes' show, I Give You All My Money, being shown at Tate Britain in London, features two supermarket check-outs covered in dirty dishes and surrounded by a ladder, tiles, the seated mannequin, and another with its head in a bird cage.

"It's incredibly carefully composed and precisely placed and formed from ready-made objects we find in the everyday world . . . as well as incredibly personal objects - bowls that she's fed her family and her children from, " said curator Carolyn Kerr.

Her fellow short-listed artist, Runa Islam, presents several film works, including Be The First To See What You See As You See It, in which a woman inspects china objects before slowly pushing a cup and saucer off a table, smashing them on the floor.

Mark Leckey is showing a film of Jeff Koons' polished steel Rabbit and his art lecture Cinema-in-the-Round .

Goshka Macuga is showing a sculptural ensemble of glass and metal.

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