October 1, 2008

Screenlife Announces Much Anticipated Scene It?(R) Seinfeld Deluxe Edition

Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer...for many people these household names have become less like characters on America's most popular television show, and more like quirky friends from way back, worthy of quoting and recounting favorite moments. With the release of Scene It? Seinfeld Deluxe Edition, people can do just that. From man hands to Manssieres, Yo-Yo Ma to Yada Yada Yada--Scene It? Seinfeld Deluxe Edition has everything people love from the show about nothing.

"We're thrilled to be able to offer this game to Seinfeld and Scene It? fans alike," said Trevor Steinthal, vice president of content at Screenlife Games. "Creating this fantastic game was the ultimate combination of nostalgia and pop culture for us. As we strive to do with all our games, the object is to take a cultural phenomenon and turn it into an entertaining and challenging new Scene It? version that people want to engage and have fun with."

Players race around the flextime board as they relive favorite Seinfeld moments and test their knowledge with on-screen puzzlers more challenging than the Festivus feats of strength. For example, try to name the character who extended invitations to a New Year's party and declared he was, "willing to accept a little Jerry, if he gets a lot of Elaine."(1) Or the alternative phrase Jerry suggests to "God bless you," to make someone feel better after they sneeze(2) (see answers below!). Ideal for parties and gatherings, Scene It? Seinfeld Deluxe Edition features real clips from all nine seasons, puzzlers and trivia challenges certain to entertain both die-hard fans and casual watchers.

Scene It? Seinfeld Deluxe Edition joins the acclaimed Scene It? Movie Deluxe 2nd Edition, among others, as part of Screenlife's expanding line of popular trivia games.

Scene It? Seinfeld Deluxe Edition, Scene It? Movie Deluxe 2nd Edition and all Scene It? Deluxe Edition games contain more content than regular editions and are featured in an embossed collector's tin. The perfect gift for yourself or anyone you know, for any occasion, the games can be found online and at fine retailers around the world. Please visit www.screenlifegames.com for a full list of Scene It? Deluxe Edition games and retailers.

About Screenlife

Screenlife is a premier game company that's bringing a new dimension to the way the world has fun. Screenlife is the creator and world's leading developer of DVD games, including Scene It?(R), the number-one selling DVD game worldwide. Screenlife games feature patented Optreve(R) DVD Enhancement Technology and are available in nine languages, across 28 countries, and in more than 50,000 retail locations. A leader in entertainment licensing, Screenlife has established thousands of partnerships with major Hollywood studios, sports leagues and recording labels, as well as actors, athletes and musicians. For more information about Scene It? and other Screenlife games, visit www.screenlifegames.com or call (866) DVD-GAME.


1. Newman

2. You're so good looking!

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