October 2, 2008

‘Express’ so Good It Should Be Illegal




What can one say about Pineapple Express pot, pot and more pot. This action-comedy-stoner film stars everyone's favorite Seth Rogen (from the hilarious film Knocked Up) as a

25-year-old stoner whose job is too hard to understand, let alone name.

Rogan's character is dating a high-schooler and buys his "delicious green" from James Franco's character. Franco's baked- dealer persona is pee-your-pants hysterical. He delivers lines that you can tell will be constantly repeated by you and your friends. The two portray a dynamic friendship, at the center of which is Pineapple Express weed.

They play a cat-and-mouse game with murderous drug dealer Ted Jones, the police, hit men and the Chinese mob. Through their adventure, their car dies in the middle of the woods, they break their phones, get their ears shot off, butts kicked -- and find a way create a strong and lifelong friendship.

If you're going to get anything out of this movie take with you the message: Find happiness in life despite the circumstances, bad or good. However in this movie it's more like worse or horrendous.

But beware -- with the many shooting scenes you might not be able to stay calm. I mean, if I got shot in the ear I would flip out! And that is the least of their injuries. The fight scenes are very staged, and like clockwork, the main characters get saved from death in the nick of time. Eventually, all of the pot gets lost within the compassionate and true friendships made throughout the film. Mixed in with a wicked soundtrack, Pineapple Express is so good it should almost be illegal.

Jahla Seppanen is a junior at Monte del Sol. You can reach her at [email protected]

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