October 3, 2008

Massacre, Last House Have New Metal Brewing

By Ron Gonzales For the Journal

Two up-and-coming metal bands, Albuquerque's Last House on the Left and Beneath the Massacre from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, anchor tonight's "Cleanse the Nation" tour, which also features Suicide Silence, Emmure and others.

In a Journal interview, Beneath the Massacre vocalist Elliot Desgagns expressed his excitement for the tour. That's partially because he said Albuquerque fans have always supported his band, but he also is excited that the band's new album, "Dystopia," will hit the racks on Oct. 28, meaning that attendees will get a preview of the new songs, albeit brief ones.

"We can't wait to play more songs from 'Dystopia,' but right now we're playing mostly songs from our past two records ('Evidence of Inequity' and 'Mechanics of Dysfunction')," Desgagns said.

"We know the kids want to hear the new songs on CD first, then see us live, so I can't wait to come back after the release of 'Dystopia' and play only songs from it."

Like its predecessors, "Dystopia" offers metalheads a dizzying array of riffs, maniacal drumming and Desgagns' fervent growl. Unlike its predecessors, Desgagns said, "Dystopia" is a more precise representation of Beneath the Massacre.

"('Mechanics of Dysfunction') was one we recorded off the bat, plug in and jam with the drummer," Desgagns said. "That's why some songs are too slow, and some are too fast. This time, we had the time to sit down and write every tempo for every riff and we used click tracks to help us record them."

Last House on the Left, meanwhile, also will hit the Sunshine Theater stage tonight with a plate full of new tunes to offer. The band's debut, "Among Flies," is due to be released on Nov. 11 (Siege of Amida Records), and for vocalist Tyler Semyaza, its release caps more than a year of furious activity.

"We completed the writing more than a year ago," Semyaza told the Journal. "That was after we had written a whole CD's worth of music that we didn't release. It took me six months to even finalize the lyrics."

Metal fans probably won't begrudge LHOTL the time it spent, considering that the band covers quite a bit of ground, and so early in its career.

Beneath the Massacre

With Last House on the Left, Suicide Silence, others

WHEN: 7:30 tonight

WHERE: Sunshine Theater, 120 Central SW

HOW MUCH: Advance tickets are $15 and are available online through Ticketmaster, 883-7800 (www.ticketmaster.com) or at www.sunshinetheaterlive. com. All ages show

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