October 4, 2008

“Liberation Party in Palestine” Launches Media Office, Issues Statement

Text of report by independent, non-governmental Palestinian Ma'an News Agency website

["Liberation Party Announces Launching Media Office in Palestine, Determines Stance on Hamas-Fatah Quarrel Over Presidency" - Ma'an headline]

Qalqilya, 2 Oct (Ma'an) - In a new move, the Liberation Party in Palestine has distributed a statement issued by its new media office bearing the number 1, congratulating Muslims, in Palestine in particular and the Muslim world in general, on the Id al-Fitr. It called for having "the next month of Ramadan and Id be under the shadow of the second orthodox Caliphate."

While it called on the people of Palestine to show patience and steadfastness, it directed a call to the nation of Islam considering it to be the one with rights to the land of Palestine. This statement falls within the framework of the escalating talk the political circles in Palestine are witnessing regarding the legitimacy of the PNA presidency after the end of the current presidential term. The party called for turning Palestine back into the cause of all Muslims, not the cause of the people of Palestine alone, "like the infidel colonizer wants it to be," according to the expression used in the statement. The party concluded its statement with an ongoing call to the armies of the Muslims to "meet the demands of those calling for help and the weak."

Dr Mahir al-Ja'bari, member of the party's media office, (this is the first time the party announces this official position) stated that the office's structure includes a group of its members spread among the towns of the West Bank and Gaza Strip and that the office follows the party's agency in Palestine.

Al-Ja'bari said the office will issue press statements commenting on the events and official responses regarding what the party issues in the media. It will work on setting up a network of relations with the media, as well as holding news conferences. He added that the members of the office are the party's media face for delegations and during occasions. They are authorized to speak officially to the media on the political stances and ideas of the party.

In another development, Dr Al-Ja'bari indicated that the party has numerous media offices in the areas where it operates in the world, including its office in Lebanon which functions publicly and is headed by Ahmad al-Qasas. The latter is hosted often on many discussion programmes on the satellite channels. In addition, there is the main media office of the party, which has a specific site on the internet and which follows the leadership of the global party. Al-Ja'bari affirmed the readiness of all members of the bureau in Palestine to have contacts with the media in a public manner, seeing that they are members of the bureau, in a new public launch of the party in Palestine.

It is worth mentioning that this declaration about the opening of the media office takes place within a month of the activities that the Liberation Party in Palestine called for to revive the commemoration of the destruction of the caliphate. The party embarked on a legal argument with the Palestinian [National] Authority regarding its right to organize public activities; at the same time, Al-Ja'bari revealed that the timing for launching the bureau has nothing to do with the activities and that the party was ready to launch the office officially before the activities. He considered the launch of the office as having come within the framework of the natural extension of the Liberation Party within the shadow of the great support it has among the ranks of the people of Palestine. Al-Ja'bari denied that this launch has any relationship to the factional contest the Palestinian arena witnesses, confirming the party's official stances refusing to embark on a struggle over presidential or prime ministerial gains. He confirmed the illegality of joining the official political process. Dr Al-Ja'bari said the party does not side with one authority against another and that it does not take action like a Palestinian faction would.

Originally published by Ma'an News Agency website, Bethlehem, in Arabic 2136 2 Oct 08.

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