October 4, 2008

TV Pick of the Week ; TV & RADIO


4MUSIC: LIVE FROM ABBEY ROAD (channel 4, 12.10am)

The penultimate edition of the second series sees one of the most innovative musicians in popular music perform in the world-famous London studio. beach boys'brian Wilson makes his way across the Pond to promote his 10th solo album That Lucky Old Sun. The 66-year-old singer/songwriter swings by the studios and is bound to entertain as he performs a number of songs from his extensive back catalogue. Folk-rock singer/songwriter Martha Wainwright is next in the as she performs songs from her second album I Know You're Married But I've Got Feelings Too, which was released in May.

Teddy Thompson, son of folk legends richard and Linda, is tonight's final guest.



Reinvented and rebooted for the 21st century, The secret Policeman's ball, which launches Amnesty international's Protect the human Week, arrives tonight boasting a veritable who's who of comic talent.

This year's charity bash features Al Murray, chevy chase, eddie izzard, russell brand, Jennifer saunders, The Mighty boosh, Jon culshaw, Meera syal, omid djalili, Jessica stevenson, ronni Ancona, seth Green, richard e Grant, Andrew Maxwell, the Gorillaz characters, and the Magic numbers in a night of never-before-seen collaborations.


UNBREAKABLE (five, 9pm)

If you have even the teensiest bit of a delicate stomach, don't watch this new series, presented by explorer and adventurer benedict Allen. it follows a group of super-fit members of the public who are thrust into the biggest challenge they will ever face. This opening edition sees the group introduced to their first task by the Guyanan Makushi tribe. it involves being stung all over their bodies by vicious huntsman ants, before taking part in another ritual in which they must whip each other with sticks to toughen themselves up.

Their next task, which is to catch piranha, then kill them using the traditional method of biting out their brains.


SUNSHINE (BBC one, 9pm)

Bob'bing'crosby (steve coogan) is a well-liked, pleasant chap who has just one weakness: he likes a gamble, much to the frustration of his long-suffering other half bernadette. Meanwhile, George (bernard hill), bing's dad, dotes on his grandson Joe, and knows he shares a special bond with him. however, this delicate family balance is tipped upside down when bing's gambling begins to escalate.

The fact this three-parter has been written by craig cash and Phil Mealey, of acclaimed sitcom Early Doors fame, makes it well worth tuning in for.



In this new series, the well-loved presenter really does experience 24 hours in the life of a city. he'll be lifting the lid on what makes Paris and London tick, but gets things off to a start in newyork.

The affable englishman meets an array of ordinary folk, from the man whose job it is to hoist every us flag in the city, to the clientele of a busy Greek restaurant. Griff finds out a few secrets about the iconic Grand central station, including why some of the 700,000 people who pass through it talk to the walls.



Simon Amstell chairs another round of the music-based comedy quiz show that is less about the game and more about laughs. Another bunch of celebrities tackle tasks such as figuring out the identity of a song their teammates are trying to create sans instruments, or picking a once-famous musician out of a line-up. stephen Fry will be the latest celebrity to fill the seat left by former team captain bill bailey when he recently left the show after an impressive 11 seasons.



As the world prepares to turn its attention to the upcoming us presidential election, schama lifts the lid on the country's historical conflicts to determine why they made the nation what it is today.

He begins with an insight into the wealth of natural resources on offer in America, and why they're in very real danger of drying up.

He reveals how the American West has been in the grip of an almost decade-long drought, but as we discover, it's not the first time the nation has experienced an imbalance in supply and demand.

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