October 4, 2008

No Show in Dubai: Amrita


There's a twist to the tale.

M F Husain, who was planning to hold a special screening of Shyam Benegal's Welcome to Sajjanpur for friends in Dubai today and had even invited its actress - Bollywood hottie and his muse Amrita Rao to attend, has had to postpone the show. Amrita, unfortunately, was unable to fly to Dubai because the visa office there is shut for the Eid holiday. "I am disappointed, but I'm looking forward to meeting her later this month when she comes for the exhibition of my paintings on her," the celebrated painter told BT yesterday.

Besotted with Amrita's simplicity and beauty in Vivaah earlier, Husain is now floored by the actress' performance as the rustic potter woman Kamla in her new film. He has already seen three shows of the film back-to-back since its release last week in Dubai and reveals that he plans to see more. "Her subtle nuances as an actress remind me of Greta Garbo. Amrita truly captures the essence of Indian womanhood," said Husain. "She was very convincing as a potter," added the master artist who loves pottery himself and has based his new collection of art on Amrita as a potter woman.

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