October 5, 2008

Final Newman Work Shown at Festival

The producer of a wildlife documentary featuring the voice of Paul Newman says the late U.S. actor's final work aired at a French festival.

Producer Joe Oppenheimer said "The Meekrats" made its world premiere at the Dinard Film Festival and attendees were able to hear the narration by the famed Hollywood actor recorded nearly a year before his death, the BBC reported Sunday.

Oppenheimer said Newman, who died of cancer Sept. 26 at the age of 83, worked hard on the project recorded in Connecticut late last year.

"He gave us a wonderful recording," the producer said.

"Meekrats" director James Honeyborne echoed that sentiment, saying the "campfire" tone of Newman's voice should help make it a hit when it is released in France next month and in Britain in 2009.

"He gives the film authority and credibility. We wanted a warm, storytelling, around-the-campfire tone, which is just what he gave us," Honeyborne told the BBC.