October 6, 2008

eSession’s Virtual Glass(TM) Allows Real-Time Recording From Anywhere in the World

The music industry is experiencing a quiet revolution. For decades, many great recordings have featured highly skilled studio musicians who were legends to industry insiders but unknown to the public. To record with these top pros, you had to deal with huge expenses and logistical challenges. eSession is changing all that. It's the only professional service that allows anyone in the world to hire and collaborate with world-class musicians, engineers, and producers via the Internet. The company's new Virtual Glass(TM) software plug-in expands the service, providing real-time musical collaboration among a globally accessible music community.

In a traditional, commercial studio, the engineer operates the equipment in a control room while the musicians, separated by a glass partition, perform their parts. Virtual Glass(TM) uses the Internet as the high-tech equivalent to the glass partition between engineer and musician. Its 3D design depicts a recording console and a "virtual glass" partition that functions as a video screen, so even the least tech-savvy user feels right at home.

Virtual Glass(TM) requires a recording program, high-speed Internet connection, Webcam, and eSession user account. Installation is simple, and there's no copy protection. The software works with any Mac-compatible USB or FireWire camera for real-time video; the camera mic enables communication with the session players.

Virtual Glass(TM) is available for Mac OS X in RTAS, VST, and AU plug-in formats. Windows versions will be released in the last quarter of 2008. The new version 1.1 adds latency compensation so that new tracks are recorded and monitored in sync with existing tracks and accurate ReWire synchronization for linking two sessions.

"Virtual Glass has pushed forward online collaboration technology to the point where I can work with another musician who's thousands of miles away, while feeling the sensation that (the musician) is right there in the booth next to me," says Thomas Dolby. "Now I can live and record somewhere safe, cheap, and beautiful and still have access to the world's greatest musicians."

Virtual Glass(TM) is free for eSession members until Q1 2009, after which it will be part of eSession subscription packages. A Gold subscription for eSession is $19.95/month.