October 7, 2008

Russian Premier Presents Training Film “Learning Judo With Vladimir Putin”

Text of "24" news report by corporate-owned Russian Ren TV on 7 October

[Presenter] [Russian Prime Minister] Vladimir Putin today pleased all judo lovers. On his birthday the prime minister gave a present to all those who practise judo and released a training film called "Learning Judo with Vladimir Putin". The presentation of the film was held in the Konstantinov Palace [outside St Petersburg, late on 6 October].

[Putin, addressing the gathering] It is obvious that there is an advertising stunt in the title itself because, naturally, all those who will be watching this film will be learning not from your humble servant but - as was said here - from true experts.

[Presenter] The shooting of the film was completed last year. The film also features Japanese judoist and Olympic champion Yasuhiro Yamashita.

[Video shows clips from the film, c/r 12:4047-4235; also shown on Channel One 08:0642-0945; Zvezda TV 09:1023-1130.]

Originally published by Ren TV, Moscow, in Russian 1230 7 Oct 08.

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