October 7, 2008

Out of England, into Africa


What: Wild at Heart

Where: TV One

When: 8.30pm, Friday


IT'S MORE than a year since the Trevanion family left England and settled into life in Africa. But living the dream isn't plain sailing as Danny (Stephen Tompkinson) and Sarah (Holden) struggle with the demands of animals and guests.

Challenges arise when the neighbouring game park is taken over by an ambitious manager, an orphaned baby elephant ends up on their doorstep, and the arrival of old friends and relatives causes friction in the family. Spending months filming Wild at Heart in the South African bush, surrounded by wild, roaming animals, might frighten some actors, but Amanda Holden thinks it's great.

She says her experience working with the Born Free Foundation meant she was prepared. "I don't start flapping and screaming at the first sign of wildlife."

She says though there's plenty of wildlife roaming the reserve, when they are filming close-ups in the vet clinic, they use prosthetic animals. "You can't really use the real thing. It does look incredibly lifelike, though."

This week, the Trevanions have to contend with jealousy, tragedy and unrequited love while dealing with wounded cheetahs, aggressive hippos, a one-winged vulture, and angry lions. At the same time, the family is hosting its first wedding reception at Leopard's Den. But when Danny fails to buy buck for the farm, hungry lions threaten all of Sarah's hard work.


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