October 8, 2008

They Shouldn’t Change Fact That’s Part of Our Heritage

What a disgrace that the Americans are allowed to prostitute a part of Britain's heritage yet again.

They did the same in Braveheart, where in the battle of Stirling Bridge they omitted the most important part - the bridge!

In the Dam Busters film, if they didn't use Scampton, they didn't use our Lancasters and messed about with the facts so much, then they shouldn't have been allowed to make the film.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the original film and shame on you David Frost for allowing it to happen! Remember the film where the Americans tried to put it over that they captured the German Enigma cipher machine? They didn't, it was the British. Every part of history they touch in the movies, the Americans ruin it.


Maybe the Dam Busters film shouldn't be made in case it upsets the Germans.

Or ban Ben-Hur as it might upset the Romans.

Or Robin Hood films in case it upsets the good people of Nottingham.


I have to agree with Sidney McFarlane (October 2) that Gibson's dog's name should be put into context and stay in the film. This is the name Gibson chose to call his dog and this is how we remember them. It would be inaccurate to change it.

I'm sure Gibson didn't choose this name to be racist, I know this would be socially unacceptable to be used now but this happened 60 years ago and is part of our history.

This film would be incorrect in part because his dog's name would be changed

JILL ANDREWS Roughton Court, Ermine East, Lincoln.

The dog's name is a historical fact and history cannot and should not be changed. Any other argument is totally academic.

JANET KENT North Hykeham.

Colin McFarlane should stop being so sensitive about Gibson's dog being called Nidge in the new film of the Dambusters.

MR B. FIRTH Kent Avenue, Mablethorpe.

Stop trying to rewrite history. The dog was named for traditional reasons at the time and nothing can change the evidence that the dog was named so because he was black.

It is un-PC now but history cannot and should not be changed to suit the vagaries of the politically correct brigade who have done enough to stop the truth being told about what happened.

If the younger generation knew what the truth was they could then decide how inappropriate some of the actions of our ancestors were.

Do we stop telling the truth about people being burned at the stake for their religious beliefs? No, we use true history as lessons for our lives and the future of our children.

Stop short-changing them and let the truth shine through - but don't change history.

MARY ELLIS Ashing Lane, Lincoln.

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