October 8, 2008

Troupe Exudes Energy


REVIEW Hi-5 Circus Yesterday, Regent on Broadway, Palmerston North. Reviewed by Wendy Shailer-Knight. -------------------- There was so much saccharine sweetness and hyped-up happiness in this show, it was hard to avoid feeling good.

Certainly the hordes of preschoolers and primary-aged children were drinking in the positive energy in an almost full Regent Theatre.

It was mainly the girls who joined in with the singing and dancing routines as urged on by the Australian five-person troupe.

Boys and girls alike delighted in the expensive merchandise - $15 glow wands, strobing headbands and helium-filled Hi-5 balloons, one of which was spotted going its lonely way high above the UCOL campus later after some tragic attention lapse.

The three-girl, two-guy group that makes up the current Hi-5 act exuded endless energy for the show. The theme was circus, and Hi-5 rolled out clowns, magic tricks, flying trapezes and balancing acts.

There was even a two-man-sized plush elephant, which transfixed even the most fidgety children.

In their candy-coloured costumes, the Hi-5 gang stirred the audience to sing along, clap and point out action going on behind the players.

The songs were typically upbeat, with refrains such as "Anything is possible if you believe in you", and "Wow, you are amazing". There was a good selection of new songs, along with a couple of old favourites that everyone seemed to know.

Intermission halfway through the hour-and-a-half presentation provided a welcome distraction. The ice-cream stall did brisk business.

At show's end, there were many tired-but-happy faces, full of the magic that colour, upbeat music and glitter can bring.

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