October 8, 2008

Hathaway Amazed to Get ‘Rachel’ Script

Anne Hathaway said she was amazed to hear U.S. director Jonathan Demme wanted her to play an acid-tongued, recovering drug addict in his new movie.

Best known for her good-girl turns in films like "The Princess Diaries,""The Devil Wears Prada,""Becoming Jane" and "Get Smart," Hathaway accepted Demme's offer to play a woman who wreaks havoc on her sister's wedding in "Rachel Getting Married" -- and has been earning rave reviews for her performance.

"I was so amazed that Jonathan sent (the script) to me and that this beautiful gem had come to me. I loved Kym from her first line," Hathaway told UPI in New York recently.

"I just love her so much... and the family rings so true -- that liberal, New England, pseudo-intellectual, artistic family. I just totally believed them," she explained. "I thought the conflict was so fine. Here is a girl who's fighting for her place in her family, while maintaining her sobriety. And she has a family there that obviously wants her to be sober, but doesn't take the time to understand her sobriety and has all their issues at the same time at this particular junction in time when all anyone wants her to do is pretend like she's not herself. But if she pretends she's not herself, she's going to use again. That's insane conflict. You just don't come across that all the time."