October 9, 2008

Theatre Critics – Finding Nemo

By Matt Westcott

Finding Nemo

Disney on Ice MetroRadio Arena, Newcastle

IF you?re as much a fan of the film Finding Nemo as my four-year- old and I are, then you are going to love this show, because, quite simply, it?s ?some-fin? special.

Blending animation, the soundtrack from the hit film and breathtaking ice-dancing, the show kept kids and adults alike rapt from beginning to end.

The script stays largely true to that of the film, albeit slightly abbreviated, and tells the story of Nemo, a young clownfish who is too eager to grow up and gets into a whole ocean full of trouble as a result.

In a bid to rescue him after he is captured by a scuba diver, Nemo?s father, the nervous wreck, forgive the pun, Marlin, teams up with the scatterbrained Dory and all manner of adventure on the high seas ensues.

As you would expect with a production that has Disney behind it, no expense has been spared when it comes to the set of costumes. The characters are so accurate that it is quite easy to look over the fact that there are skaters inside them.

This ice show also blends in song and dance routines not seen in the movie, and also add to the experience, allowing the audience to participate through clapping along and singing to a number of well- known tunes.

Highlights included the scene with the wannabe vegetarian sharks, which saw a massive great white wheeled onto the ice and an incident with an almost life-size blue whale.

Parents with children of a nervous disposition should be aware of the use of fireworks in the former of these scenes.

All in all, this story of love, loyalty and letting go is a winner.

A fishy tale that has you hooked from start to fin-ish!

Until Sunday, tickets from [pounds]11.50, box office: 08444936666

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