October 9, 2008

Local Musicians Celebrate CD Release

LEWISTON - More than 60 people gathered on Sept. 25 at Guthrie's restaurant to hear live performances from six local musical acts - all in the name of building a stronger community.

The occasion was the release party for L-A COMP, a compilation CD of 12 musicians from the L-A area.

Guitarist and singer Drew Heinonen started off the evening with a set of original and cover tunes, including a cover of Prince's "Purple Rain." Fiddler Greg Boardman followed, with his sons backing him up on drums and guitar.

Tyler Bowker presented beatboxing (a rhythmic vocal musical style that uses the human voice to simulate various percussive sounds). Following Bowker were the melodies of Arborea, a musical twosome that uses an eclectic mix of instruments to create a unique sound.

Clara Bolduc was on stage next, playing a set of original songs that ranged in scope from the personal to the political.

Singer/songwriter Denise Dill brought the evening to a close, livening things up with some audience participation, an unexpected duet and a little performance art.

L-A COMP is an effort to connect a few different musical scenes happening in the Twin Cities. The disc includes contact information providing an opportunity for musicians to connect with other musicians and to make an easier link for local business owners to book shows.

L-A COMP is a project of the Visible Community, a group of downtown residents working on housing and local infrastructure issues while encouraging people to become involved in local political process.

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