October 9, 2008

Freemason Films Are Food for Thought

By Jeni Harvey

The events have been organised by Sheffield University's centre for research into freemasonry, which was set up in 2000 and studies the organisation's historical, cultural and social impact, particularly in Britain."Forces Occultes", a Nazi propaganda film made during the 1940s, will be shown for the first time with English subtitles on Monday.The film, which opposes the Freemasons and the Jews and depicts them attempting to push France into a war against Germany, was later used during the Nuremberg trials as evidence of Nazi propaganda."The Scottish Key", the first documentary film to look at the different theories about freemasonry and its origins, will then have its UK premiere on November 10.Producer and co- author Franois de Smet will be at that screening and will also take part in a discussion after the film.Centre director Doctor Andreas nnerfors said: "The origins of freemasonry have triggered the fantasy and imagination of many people. For many historians it is a big challenge to establish the truth. "These two films represent two entirely different approaches towards this question."

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