October 9, 2008

Follow the Adventures of This Lost Dog — New Picture Book Depicts the Plight of Neglected Animals and the Need to Help Them

LITTLENECK, N.Y., Oct. 9, 2008 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Every living creature in this world has feelings and people must realize the neglect of animals that don't have places to live. And every day, stories of lost animals appear in the news. These are the views expressed by author Vicky Cosgrove in Peter Sausage: Illustrated by Cathy Cosgrove, a new picture book that brings to readers a closer look at homeless animals trying to survive.

Based on the real life story of a little lost Dachshund who finds a home, the book tells readers the story a dog called Peter Sausage, who is lost and neglected just wondering the streets of the city with no real direction. One day fate intervened and good luck went to his side as a school teacher found him and decided to take him in as a pet. Immediately, Peter Sausage finally finds a new lovely home to live in and at the same time he provides company to his new owner. From a moral point of view, the dog's suffering and isolation can be easily compared to that of people.

Peter Sausage: Illustrated by Cathy Cosgrove is an amazing and inspiring picture book that depicts the plight of neglected animals and most importantly it brings to light the need to encourage people to pay more attention to them. With vibrant illustrations by Cathy Cosgrove, readers will marvel not only at the expressive visuals but also at the amazing facial expressions of Peter Sausage, which alone can melt hearts and bring out sympathy. No doubt about it, Vicky Cosgrove's Peter Sausage: Illustrated by Cathy Cosgrove is a classic example of the love and compassion that brings animals and people together. Get a copy of this book today!

About the Author

Vicky Cosgrove and her sister Cathy, have rescued many animals over the years. The author is an early childhood teacher, amateur musician, animal activist, and puppeteer. Cathy studied art at Fashion Institute of Technology, New York University and Parsons. She taught art for many years in New York City schools. Her hobbies include singing, amateur theater, playing the harp, and figure skating.

                         Peter Sausage * by Vicky Cosgrove                         Illustrated by Cathy Cosgrove                         Publication Date: 09/30/2008              Picture Book; $13.99; 28 pages; 978-1-4134-1333-5 

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