October 10, 2008

Over 400 Reporters Cover CIS Summit in Kyrgyz Capital

Excerpt from report by state-owned Kyrgyz Television 1 on 10 October

[Presenter] It was a quite busy day today for CIS leaders. Quick coverage of two important events required a lot of concentration from the media. Organizers have set up a special media centre at the Ak-Keme hotel. A large flow of information was managed from there. A whole army of journalists arrived to cover three important events. Their number was more than 400. Kunduz Joldubayev has the details in his report about how the international media covered this important political forum.

[Passage omitted: a Chinese journalist says it is his first visit to Kyrgyzstan]

[Correspondent] The international media centre is divided into several sections: registration, a working hall for journalists, common signals zone, a lounge and the administration.

[Ulan Dyykanbayev, captioned as the coordinator of the media centre] We have a lot of experience from last year's Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in which presidents also took part. You may recall that a similar international media centre was set up at the time.

[Innesa Tkachenko, captioned as a correspondent of the Russian TV Rossiya] Everything is working well. Everything is getting through. The signal is good.

[Correspondent] There are 70 computers in the working hall. All of them are connected to the Internet. The wireless Wi-Fi system and a video recording room are working.

[Innesa Tkachenko] The entire world can see what is happening here virtually in real time. It is very convenient and it is wonderful that everyone can see it and feel as if they are there where all of it is happening. It is wonderful.

[Correspondent] Journalists can use banking and post services as well as international telephone and fax in the service room.

[Chinese journalist identified as Ven Leyley] I can see how much work you have done here. Everything is well prepared and the Internet is fast. Our website opens very quickly.

[Correspondent] In a word, all conditions have been created for sending information quickly to any part of the world. During a break, one can have a snack, a coffee and just chat with colleagues. The media centre will continue its work until midnight.

Originally published by Kyrgyz Television 1, Bishkek, in Russian 1400 10 Oct 08.

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