October 11, 2008

Festival Provides Platform for Experimentation By Multi- Disciplinary Artists

THE annual Experimentica festival, which brings together international multi-disciplinary artists, returns to Wales next week.

Alongside contributors from Japan, London and Bristol, Cardiff- based performers good cop bad cop, will be bringing their theoretical project, Brodys Notes, to the festival at Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff.

The performance consists of duo John Rowley and Richard Huw Morgan using techniques of interrogation, bullying and cross- examination to force each other to develop ideas for a new project.

They will be doing it live on stage - but it's not theatre.

"We have always identified more with things like sport, physical things, rather than drama," says Morgan.

Rowley adds: "We have never thought of what we do as theatre. I went to drama school to learn about acting but didn't last very long there."

The duo see the four-day festival as a chance to develop new ideas.

"Having a platform like Chapter's Experimentica allows us to do things like this," says Morgan.

"I see theoretical work like this as the laboratory that drives performance forward.

"We're aiming to come up with ideas that may be impractical but that will push the boundaries of what is possible in performance.

"And then on the fourth night we'll be putting into practice some of the ideas we've come up with and exploring what we've learned."

Other performers include Anti-Cool, with a follow-up to 2005's controversial lager drinking/balance beam act called pounds 1 Running Sushi.

Music comes from Six Glass fingers and the Sound of Aircraft Attacking Britain.

University of Wales Institute Cardiff graduates Ruth Bamber andSamAldridge will be bringing installation art as well as a series of "un-announced actions" in and around the building.

Blending sculpture, performance and music, Richard Allen will be presenting his shambolic orchestra of musical things. Called Lament of the Noise Makers this is a work of animated object theatre. A machine will be built over three days as an open installation (from 2-10pm Mon-Wed), culminating in a short destructive performance on the Wednesday night.

Experimentica '08 is at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff, from October 15 to 19. For details, visit www.chapter.org

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