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Television: Films of the Week

October 13, 2008



Today, Five, 9pm

Back when Hollywood made romcoms that passed the test of time Demi Moore, Patrick Swayze and Whoopi Goldberg, above, stepped forward to create a classic. Moore loses husband Swayze in a mugging, but in steps Goldberg as the medium through whom the pair can be reunited at the pottery wheel of life. (1990)


Tuesday, Channel 4, 1.10am

Long before Javier Bardem was sporting an Oscar-worthy mop top in No Country For Old Men, he was the star of Spanish cinema, and nowhere is his humble style of acting more affecting than in this true story of quadriplegic Ramn Sampedro’s fight for the right to die. With most of his scenes taking place in his character’s death bed, Bardem’s performance leaves his audience reeling. (2004)


Wednesday, BBC1, 12.30pm

Brad Pitt and Bruce Willis, above, take their direction from Terry Gilliam in this futurist thriller. Willis is the man sent to discover the root cause of the virus killing off humanity, while Pitt’s imprisoned mental patient may offer more clues than he lets on. (1995)


Thursday, Five, 10pm

Kevin McKidd stars in this gorefest of a thriller set in the Scottish Highlands and directed by Neil Marshall of The Descent fame. As they discover the remains of fellow special operations soldiers, a recently arrived team begin to smell a rat, or should that be a werewolf? (2002)


Friday, BBC2, 3.25am

Robert Mitchum takes the unusual role of the straight guy in this film noir. The epitome of cool, dark and handsome, Mitchum plays the policeman brought in to clean up the city of mobsters in a post-Al Capone maelstrom. (1951)


Saturday, STV, 1.45pm

This tale of a little piggy runt who didn’t fit in yet goes on to become a champion sheep herder is the stuff of film magic, as Dick King Smith’s novel is adapted for the big screen. (1995)

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