October 14, 2008

Virgin Mary Apparition on a Clear, Authentic Photo With Puzzling Properties to Be Shown in Public for the First Time Ever

EMMEN, The Netherlands, October 14 /PRNewswire/ -- The mysterious photograph was made by chance in February 1997 in the Netherlands, and has been examined by photo experts who were puzzled by the image. It is quite unlike anything ever seen before, and it has never been made public, until now.

In the dark background of this simple, non-digital snapshot there is a seemingly unexplainable, but very clearly visible, face made of bright white light: A young woman with dark hair and a white veil over it. This surprising image was also captured on the negative. Many find it extraordinary, unique and amazing beyond words.

A true wonder? You decide. Go to http://www.angelsbelieveinyou.nl/ for viewing, with more information available in 6 languages, and witness other puzzling properties of the unusual photo as well. By visiting this website you are helping four well known international charities. For the benefit of the same great charities there is currently also an eBay auction of the little TV from the picture. The total amount of benefits for each charity will be made public. More than 100,000 journalists in over 135 countries around the world have received this press release.

Vin Jakimova says: "Having this miraculous photograph for almost 12 years now enables me to say without any doubt, that it has had a profoundly positive influence in my life in many ways. That is why I now finally have the courage to share it with the world, in hope that some other people will find at least a little extra hope, comfort, peace or perhaps even healing through this as I have over the years. Completely authentic and without any alteration of manipulation, this is the world's sharpest apparition photograph ever made! In the close-up you can clearly see her face. Miracles do happen. Whether you are a sceptic or a believer: I embrace the freedom of opinion. My intentions are pure, and I wish to remain anonymous in the media. I am grateful to have friends of many different religions and points of view, and I love and respect them all. That is why it's important for me to say that I sincerely and deeply honour all religions, as I believe the ultimate truth for all of us is love."

Angels Believe in You

CONTACT: Contact: Vin Jakimova, +31-6-816-86-306,[email protected]