October 16, 2008

A Unique, Dramatic Tale of Faith, Love and Family — New Book Tells the Story of a Man Who Believes in Religion, But Not for Himself

MONTGOMERY, Ala., Oct. 16, 2008 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Internationally renowned architect Michael Lauba is famous for the temples and churches he designs. He is chosen to build the World Theological University to house all faiths. Despite building beautiful monuments to God, Michael is, ironically, an atheist who believes in religion -- but not for himself. Will he ever discover God? Find out in Candle in a Glass, a fascinating book written by Alan Goldsmith.

Michael Lauba has experienced two great loves in his life and lost one in childbirth, the other through disease. Even though his wives believed in God, Mike never sought faith nor thought about the existence of a Supreme being as real. The deaths of his wives, one Jewish, the other Catholic, leaves him uncomforted and depressed. His two sons, one a Rabbi, the other soon to be a Priest, try to comfort him with prayer, but he rejects them. Until the end, he remains stubborn and unbelieving. As he watches his wife being brought to her final resting place, he feels a wretched emptiness that cannot be filled. He leaves a farewell note to his sons, "Burn no candles for me; your light and flame shall be for me my life after death". How will his sons deal with this? Witness the dramatic events unfold as author Alan Goldsmith weaves this unique tale of faith, love, and family, Candle in a Glass.

About the Author

Alan E. Goldsmith is a graduate of Boston University with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. He became an advertising executive for Jordan Marsh (now Macy's) and retired at the age of 59 to take care of a sick wife. After his sophomore year at Boston University he entered the military service during World War II and served with the 8th Air Force in England. He is presently married to his second wife, Lucille, who has been an inspiration and a great help in his writing endeavors.

                        Candle in a Glass * by Alan Goldsmith                         Publication Date: March 13, 2008              Trade Paperback; $19.99; 147 pages; 978-1-4257-8569-7 

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