October 17, 2008

Non-Profit Offers Free ‘Rock Your Rights’ DVDs to Get Out the Youth Vote

WASHINGTON, Oct. 17 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Justice Through Music Project (http://www.jtmp.org/), a DC based non-profit and leader of youth voter registration, has released its third "Rock Your Rights" DVD to help inspire youth to get-out-and-vote this November. This DVD features more than 25 famous bands and musicians which urge young people to register, vote, talk about issues, and get involved.

For years, JTMP has been interviewing bands and musicians to get their opinion on issues such as voting, war, civil rights, equal rights, and free speech. The responses are unscripted and many times surprising and provocative. Young people listen to bands and musicians more than authority figures, and musicians inspire youth to take part in the election process. The Rock Your Rights DVDs contain interviews and live performances of bands and musicians such as O.A.R., Eisley, The Indigo Girls, Dar Williams, and many others. These interviews are mixed with interviews of students on college campuses. JTMP has donated tens of thousands of these DVDs to voter registration organizations in the past elections.

JTMP is again donating these DVDs to youth voter registration groups and other youth "GOTV" organizations in an effort to motivate young people to register, and most importantly, to vote on election day. Individuals can help by making a contribution to JTMP at http://jtmp.org/order.htm. Every dollar donated will allow JTMP to supply another DVD to voter registration and GOTV organizations. Everyone who donates will get a DVD.

JTMP wants voter outreach organizations, especially in "swing states" and "battleground states" to contact them for free DVDs so they will have another tool available to get young people into the voting booth. It is absolutely crucial that everyone "Gets Out and Votes!" this election! Contact Justice Through Music at [email protected]

Justice Through Music

CONTACT: Ilene Proctor PR, +1-310-858-6643, for Justice Through MusicProject

Web Site: http://www.jtmp.org/