October 17, 2008

Obsession Filmmaker Responds to Biased CNN Report

NEW YORK, Oct. 17 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Statement by Raphael Shore, producer of the film Obsession: Radical Islam's War with the West, in response to the recent CNN report by Deborah Feyerick:

"This week, CNN aired a piece on Obsession: Radical Islam's War with the West that favored one side of the story and unfortunately ignored some solid facts on the film and the Clarion Fund. It is important to me and in the interest of viewers to correct the inaccuracies and set the record straight.

Let me be clear, Obsession is not a film about all Muslims. It is a film dedicated to depicting the scary truths of radical Islamists. We felt it imperative to differentiate the two and at the very outset of the film we make it clear that Obsession is not hate speech. The opening line of the film states that "most Muslims are peaceful and this film is not about them." The movie makes a clear distinction between moderate Muslims and the extremists who have hijacked Islam to incite violence. Therefore, for CNN to title their online story "Muslim DVD rattles voters in key battleground states" is misleading and untrue. Our film is about radical Islamists, not Muslims.

The segment unfairly critiqued the film and favored our opponents. Of the five interviews CNN included in the segment, only one was on behalf of the Clarion Fund and the film. Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, a moderate Muslim supporter of the film, was also interviewed by the reporter but was not included in the piece. The piece included two interviews by citizens highly critical of the DVD, but did not offer a citizen with a positive take. Additionally, the segment interviewed Nihad Awad, executive director of the Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR), who has outright stated his support to the Hamas movement.[1] This is an attempt by CAIR to distract the public and manipulate the reality radical Islam poses to Americans.

While it may be uncomfortable to admit, there is a war being waged against America by radical Islamic extremists. The more we understand this threat the better prepared we will be to protect ourselves from it. Every American should have the right to see Obsession and draw his or her own conclusions about the movie. The Clarion Fund is dedicated to promoting an honest discussion about the security threats presented by radical Islam.

Getting the word out to Americans regarding these threats is very important and that is why we have launched an effort to reach as many people as possible through a variety of methods. We distributed DVDs in over 70 newspapers and magazines as well as at both the Democratic and Republican National Convention. CNN reported that our distribution was considered to be helpful to the Republican effort. This was not our intention and is untrue. We are not looking to influence the vote. Neither campaign was involved. In fact, Clarion is non-partisan and our website features homeland security positions for both candidates.

CNN failed to mention that Obsession has received positive coverage in many respected media outlets, including on CNN by Kyra Phillips and Glenn Beck. View the clips here: http://www.obsessionthemovie.com/media_CNNdec15.php. The film has been screened in hundreds of locations from college campuses to Capitol Hill. Additionally, it has been used as a training tool by think tanks, law enforcement and the United States military.

This documentary has helped millions of Americans learn about the threat of radical Islam and I encourage viewers to check the movie out for themselves."

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