October 20, 2008

AC/DC Won’t Sell Music Digitally

The Australian heavy metal band AC/DC said it will not release any of its music, including its new album "Black Ice," digitally.

USA Today said Wal-Mart and Sam's Club have exclusive retail rights to the group's latest CD, which can also be bought on the stores' Web sites or acdc.com.

Guitarist Angus Young told the newspaper the Wal-Mart pact "came down to availability."

"There aren't as many record stores these days, and Wal-Marts are all over America. New York and Los Angeles and Chicago may be covered, but in the heartland of America, Wal-Mart may be the only gig in town," he said.

"We believe people still like to buy albums," added singer Brian Johnson as he talked about the decision not to make the songs available individually online. "These songs belong together. It's about five boys having a damn good time in a studio."