October 21, 2008

Bob the Rapper Answers Joe the Plumber’s Question

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Oct. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Hip-Hop Artist Bob Brown urges Joe the Plumber to consider the idea that the more we help each other, the better off everyone is. Bob has a real life case study for "spreading the wealth." His website http://www.bobtherapper.com/ was created to help 1,000 people earn $3,000 this holiday season by marketing a DVD entitled "Can you do THE OBAMA DANCE."

"If 3% is stopping Joe the Plumber from working harder and obtaining his dreams," says Bob Brown creator of http://www.bobtherapper.com/ , "then he may need to re-think his business plan."

Bob Brown is recognized as the world's official inventor of "The Obama Dance." IN addition to creating the first dance combination ever for a Presidential candidate, Brown recorded a song and filmed a music video for "The Obama Dance."

"Me and Joe the Plumber are both single father's and I respect him for that, but I'm not going to let 3% in taxes take away my desire to create a better life for my son," says Bob.

Bob Brown presents a powerful, entertaining interview. He will tell your audience:

   -- What most business owners don't realize concerning the tax increase.    -- How he plans to stimulate the economy with 3 million dollars this      Holiday Season.    -- How to learn THE OBAMA DANCE in 45 seconds (T.V. Audiences only)    -- What McCain has in common with Bob Brown's family history.     For more information about Bob Brown go to http://www.bobtherapper.com/ .  

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