October 21, 2008

Mediasmith Launches M3 Bank of Digital Services

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Digital media agency Mediasmith announced today the launch of M3, a customizable blueprint that integrates Emerging Media Technologies, Social Media, and Search.

M3 enables clients to obtain all of these services under a united suite taking advantage of the next generation of communication tools.

"M3 (i.e. media cubed or media to the third power) reflects the exponential growth of media options, you could call it Moore's Law of media," said David L. Smith, founder and CEO, Mediasmith. "Whether we are dealing with paid media distribution or newer organic media seeding and distribution, it is Mediasmith's goal to provide clients with avenues to reach their consumers, wherever they are.

"It is our opinion that all media will have properties that include technology, social and search within the next 5-10 years and we need to be prepared to service our clients in these areas," Smith added.

As the logical extension of Mediasmith's Emerging Media Technologies practice, M3 has evolved from the realization that a number of these tools and new media types don't involve a media buy. They still, however, involve all of the typical media service functions from objectives to strategy to distribution, tracking and optimization.

"Removing the silos that traditionally separate marketing services allows us to prioritize, cross-pollinate, track and optimize our clients' media strategies across numerous platforms," Smith explained. "In particular, we are addressing the next generation of digital marketing where advertisers will have to increase efficiencies and still expand their consumers' touch points."

Usually offered by different agencies or departments within an agency, M3, emerging media technologies, social media and search encompass both the push aspects of traditional media and the dialogue aspects of social media seeding along with search.

   These include the following:    --  Site/Brand Awareness Strategies   --  Content Distribution   --  Search Engine Optimization    Details of each offering in each category include:    Emerging Media Technologies  

Organized into thirteen sub categories, this category includes Advergaming and In-Game, Widgets, Mobile, Content Seeding and Distribution, User Generated Content, Mashups, Downloadable Media (Podcasts and Vidcasts), Digital and Interactive Out-Of-Home, Digital and Interactive Cinema, Video on Demand, IPTV, Buzz/Trend and Virtual Worlds.

Social Media

This category includes Social Networks, Wikis, User Generated Content, Blogs, Microblogging, Forums, Peer to Peer and Offline Social Media.


Websites need constant attention to achieve high rankings in search engines. This category includes Site Architecture Optimization, Asset Optimization, Link Building, Data Feeds and Video Search.

About Mediasmith

Mediasmith is an independent, award-winning digital media agency, with expertise in media strategy, planning, execution and metrics. Servicing clients directly or partnering with creative agencies, Mediasmith specializes in integrating traditional advertising, digital media, search, and emerging technologies. With web expertise dating back to 1995 and with the recent introduction of the M3 service suite encompassing emerging technologies, social media and search, Mediasmith continues to evolve and service clients in this dynamic media landscape. In 2005, Mediasmith was awarded an Effie for its work on Napster. In addition, the agency was named to the San Francisco Business Times Top 100 Fastest-Growing Private Companies.

For more information, please visit: http://www.mediasmith.com/


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